About Tadqiq

We offer integrated accounting services and facilitate the communication of establishments (companies / institutions)and companies with certified legal accountants by the Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants (SOCPA) to offer financial, accounting and consulting services.

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To be the pioneers in offering accountants services, and in linking organizations’ financial and accounting requirements with legal accounting offices that provide these service through an integrated system apply the best practices to be addressing the quality in providing our service.


• Connecting establishments (companies / institutions) to accounting offices and their contacts and determine their geographical location.
• Facilitating the process of finding and choosing accounting offices that provide the establishments (companies / institutions) requirements.
• Elimination of brokers between establishments (companies / institutions) and accounting offices which reduces the financial burdens on the companies.

Our Policy

Setting the scientific foundations for the system of providing connectivity and facilitating communication between establishments (companies / institutions) that wish to obtain certain financial, accounting and advisory services and between the offices of accountants that provide the required services.

Our Advantages

The existence of a distinct and qualified accounting system to provide full accounting services and facilitate the communication between establishments (companies / institutions) and offices of chartered accountants, which benefits both parties in terms of saving time and costs and provide distinct services.

Tadqeeq system screen

Target Groups

(companies / institutions)
Chartered Accountants Offices
Any other categories that require financial, accounting and advisory services

Platform Services